Evergard Concretors Warehouse is a trade and retail outlet that stocks a huge range of products for the concreting industry. We provide decorative resurfacing products, coloured sealers and polymer flooring products for existing concrete and Stencil and Stamp products for new concrete jobs; coloured oxides for full-depth slab colour.

Evergard supplies joint sealants, fillers, sealers, curing compounds, retarders, waterproofers, urethanes, repair and levelling grouts, mortars and epoxies. We also have an enormous range of equipment, tools and accessories, safety gear and marking products, cleaners, acids, solvents and plastics, steel mesh and formwork.

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Sealers & Waterproofing

Evergard stocks a comprehensive range of both 'long life' and standard sealers for every surface - from concrete, terracotta, sandstone, granite, polished concrete and tiles, including:


  • We specialise in all types of sealers for concrete, slate or sandstone, including solvent-based or water-based, wet look or impregnating. We stock leading brands such as Parchem Same Day Sealer, Lustreseal Acrylic Sealer, Lustreseal Extended Wear, Cementaid Driwal, Slate Sealer, and LB9 Conpell Green Star-rated sealers
  • Solvent-based resin acrylics in gloss, matte, coloured and petrol-resistant
  • Water-based resin acrylics in gloss and matte and impregnating
  • Silicone-based acrylics impregnating natural look (invisible) or low sheen
  • Urethane is industrial-strength, very tough and durable protection
  • ConPell range of environmentally friendly Green Star-rated sealers and coatings for commercial projects
  • Coloured sealers, which are great for that budget facelift to plain concrete or worn stamped concrete
  • Parchem Polymer Flooring system (includes M50, M90, M20 and UA20 and tints). See link for full colour and style range
  • Joint sealants, both polyurethane and silicone, including all types from Parchem Construction Supplies, Bostik, Sika and BASF
  • Acrylic polymers, including Duratex, Kemcrete, Super Prime, Nitobond and Nanocrete AP
  • PVA Bonding agents, such as Best Bond and Bondcrete
  • Epoxy bonding and chemical anchor products, including most leading brands

Waterproofing products

Concrete tank repair products, including Vandex Plug and Masterseal 556.


We carry a wide range of equipment including:

  • Gorilla load covering nets, from small to extra large to suit any vehicle. Gorilla is one of the few nets that complies with load restraint regulations
  • Ratchet tie down straps 5m, 6m and 9m
  • Barrier Mesh Fences, silt fence, silt socks and silt bags
  • Plastic, including clear 1m x 400m, 2m x 400m, black 4m x 50m 200um and orange 4m x 25m 300um
  • Tapes, including masking, cloth/Gaffa tape, duct tape, painters masking tape, safety barrier tape in fluoro or stripped
  • Filament tape for stencil patterns in 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm and 48mm
  • Cement Mixers, including Ox, Easymix or Westmix brands
  • Laser levels
  • Star pickets, various sizes
  • Hardwood pegs, various sizes
  • Wheelbarrow - a variety of brands with tube or flat free wheels
  • Spot marking paint
  • String lines - No8 and No12 in fluro pink or yellow
  • Chalk lines and chalk powder, including Irwin and Little Giant
  • Rebar benders and cutters, including Hit and Ox brands
  • LBL board and plywood
  • FiberMesh, which is used as alternative to steel mesh


We carry a wide range of tools including :

  • Tape measures - Flextool and Ox Brands in 8m and 10m, 30m and 100m
  • Measuring wheels - Flextool digital
  • Trowel machines and trowel machine blades for Flextool - Masterfinish, Ox, Wacker and Bartell
  • Portable vibrators - Flextool, Master Finish and Wacker
  • Vibrator shafts - Flextool, Master Finish, Wacker 6m and 9m steel or resilient nose
  • Drive units, Flextool, MF and Wacker
  • Submersible pumps - Flextool range available
  • Concrete quick cut saws - Husqvarna brand all sizes available
  • Soft cut/early entry concrete saws and replacement blades - Husqvarna and Flextool brands
  • Diamond blades for concrete saw and grinders
  • Hand tools for concrete finishing - mag floats, wood floats, steel floats, poly floats, sponge floats, trowels, edgers, vee jointers, bull floats, fresnos, screeds, brooms, handles. We have Masterfinish, Flextool, Topline, Ox and Extrusion Facilities brands to choose from.
  • Concrete grinders - Blastrac brand
  • Core drill bits, full range of sizes


We carry a wide range of concrete accessories including:

  • Tool belts and tool bags
  • Floor scrapers
  • Rubbing bricks
  • Wire brushes
  • Cup wheels for concrete grinding
  • Shovels - steel long handle and short handles
  • Bolt cutters and replacement jaws - Hit, Ox and Record brands
  • Crayons
  • Paint brushes and paint trays
  • Paint roller sleeves, frames and handles
  • Brooms and scrubbing brushes
  • Buckets - white plastic and black rubber
  • Watering cans
  • Garden hose fittings
  • Extension leads, heavy duty
  • Funnels
  • Kneeling boards and kneepads
  • Sledge hammers and claw hammers
  • Nails for formwork and concrete
  • Tie wire
  • Nips for tie wire
  • Nip holders
  • Tie wire twisters
  • Steel reinforcing and accessories


We stock a range of construction products including:

  • Jointflex in both adhesive and plain in all sizes
  • Conform bitumen board in full sheets or strips
  • Stiff joint
  • Backer rod and void fillers - open or closed cell, all sizes
  • Corflute board and CorkJoint
  • Construction grouts and mortars - all Parchem Renderoc, Conbextra and Fosroc range. Also ACS and Construction Chemicals, BASF, Sika Non Shrink and Precision, self level underlayment and stand-a-lone grouts available
  • Emaco T545 (Set45) from BASF, which must be the fastest setting anchor grout for balustrading and pool fencing
  • Parchem brand of NXTGEN Resurfacing products - Base Powder, PR10 and PR40 surface prep grouts. Nitomortar 903 crack repair epoxy
  • CCS resurfacing product range - see links for full colour and pattern range


We stock and extensive selection of chemicals used with concrete construction including:

  • Solvents - Xylene, 4L and 20L and KSol A in 20L
  • Hydrochloric acid, 5L and 20L
  • Concrete curing compounds - Parchem, Chemical House and BASF brands, Evaporation retarders
  • Surface retarders for exposed aggregate
  • Concrete densifiers and dust arresters - Cementaid, BASF, Parchem and Chemical House brands
  • Phosphoric acid, 20L
  • Tyre mark remover, 4L and 10L
  • Wet & Forget - moss and mould remover, 1L and 5L
  • Cretewash, Backset and Stuff Off concrete splash removers. Turns set concrete into mud; great for cleaning up tools, equipment, walls and windows
  • Septone citric cleaners, degreasers, hand cleaners

Colours & Patterns

We carry a range of DT & Cobblestone brands of colour dispersants, polymer/modifier, stencils, headers and feature stencils. Use the Parchem Concrete visualiser to help you choose colours or patterns

Parchem brand of colour hardeners, stencils and stamp mats. See link for full colour and pattern range

Cathay Pigments and CCS Pigments for 'in the mix' colour (discounts for large projects). See links and for full colour range

Workplace Safety & Protection

We carry a wide range of tools including :

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Gumboots - Blundstone Safety Toe Size 9 to 13
  • Thongs - double-pluggers and boot thongs for over work boots and gumboots
  • Safety gear - hard hats, fluoro brims, fluoro vests, safety glasses and gloves, respirators and refills, dust masks, ear plugs, ear muffs and kneepads
  • Safety caps and bar guards for pickets and steel bars