REO & Steel Accessories

REO & Steel Accessories

Evergard Contractors Warehouse can supply a wide range of rebar, mesh and accessories available. Evergard offers only quality steel that complies with appropriate Australian Standards. We believe the compliance to the reinforcing standard is important for the quality and structural integrity of each project.


Evaporative Retardant:

Our own proven product “Off-Set” is an excellent surface retardant saving many a job from shrinkage cracking.

Curing Agents:

Choices range from PVA type, wax type and hydrocarbon. AS 3799.


Heavy-duty integral waterproofer for in the mix and membrane application.

Form Release Agents:

Reactive form release agents and mould oil to prevent adhesion of concrete to form and surfaces.

Bond Breaker:

For tilt-up panel construction.

Surface Hardeners:

Hardeners applied to freshly placed concrete, including metallic aggregate, slip resistant crystals, and liquids. Old concrete can also be hardened and dust-proofed.


Water reducing and set retarding agents for general improvement in concrete workability and quality. It reduces shrinkage and increases strength.