Concrete Finishes

Concrete Finishes

Concrete is an extremely versatile product. While many think of the typical grey slab, there are many options to dress up concrete with stains, stamps, stencil, coatings and a range of colours and finishes to choose from.

Full-Depth Colouring

Using special pigments this treatment offers an extensive range of colour finishes from blacks, browns, reds and sandstone to vivid blues and greens. There are several advantages to full-depth colouring, such as its fast installation, low maintenance and attractive natural finishes. Exposed aggregate, polished or textured finishes can also be used.


This technique brings both new and old concrete surfaces to life with its attractive floor finish, much like natural stone. Earthy colours as well as blues and greens are blended to produce a striking effect. Graphics, saw cutting and grouting are additional elements used to complete the finish.

Polished Concrete

Diamond grinding machines are used to remove the very top layer of the concrete through honing to create a smooth surface. Finishes range from the naturally-occurring aggregate, or you can combine polishing with colour, either through pigments in the concrete or seeded stones and coloured glass or metals to create an extremely stylish and unusual effect each time.

Spray-On Paving

Rejuvenate old patchy concrete areas with spray-on paving, a cost-effective system designed for cured concrete known for its flexibility and versatility. If your home or business has uneven areas of concrete, you can create an overall uniform appearance with spray-on paving. With more than 30 colours available, you can style special motifs or company emblems within the concrete. Spray-on paving can be used to create a wide range of finishes, including traditional patterns and freestyle design. It is a practical, cost-effective and durable system for both domestic and commercial applications.

Stencil Concrete

There are more than 30 colours and patterns, including special motifs and borders, which can add value to your property. Stencilling combines the durability of concrete with the appeal of formal or random stone patterns.

Stamped Concrete

By incorporating subtle coloured textures, stamped concrete offers the elegance of slate, rock, brick, and stone, in a durable and more cost-effective material. Choose from a wide range of colours and patterns to complement your outdoor areas.

Coloured Sealers

A cost-effective alternative to brighten up plain concrete, with more than 30 colours to choose from. The use of sealers can dramatically improve the appearance and maintenance of concrete by protecting your decorative, exposed aggregate, polished and plain concrete against the elements.

Sealers can give a permanent ‘wet look’, which adds lustre and richness to the colour – or a natural appearance can be achieved using invisible impregnating sealers.

If you require slip-resistant properties in your flooring, a grip-enhancing powder can be added to the sealer.

Concrete driveways and all outdoor surfaces accumulate dust, moulds, chemicals and oil, which can seep into the concrete pores and stain the surface. By blocking the capillary pores of the concrete a sealer minimises the ‘free lime’ migrating to the surface. Free lime occurs naturally in concrete and can form a white powdered film if left unsealed.

While coloured concrete is hard wearing, the life of its decorative surface will be improved by sealing it against the effects of sun, rain and chemicals.